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Art of the Title – Deus Ex: Human Revolution Feature/Interview

Deus Ex: Human Revolution - Art of the Title Feature

“When the past no longer illuminates the future, the spirit walks in darkness.” —Alexis de Tocqueville

Adam Jensen is dying. The blinding lights of an operating theater melt away in a mechanical fever dream of pleading voices, surgical tools, and rent flesh. Memories of lost love flash between images of a broken and dissected form, while shattered limbs and failing organs – the embodiment of Jensen’s flawed humanity – are replaced with the cold perfection of carbon fiber and silicon. A body restored, a soul fractured – but what remains of the man? A corporate thrall bound to unseen masters or a transcendent being gifted with the power to change everything?

Echoing the central motif of Eidos-Montreal’s video game – the merging of the real and artificial – Goldtooth Creative’s stunning title sequence for Deus Ex: Human Revolution seamlessly blends both live-action and computer-generated imagery to introduce players to a world at the dawn of a cybernetic renaissance.

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Art of the Title – Rubicon Feature/Interview

Rubicon - Art of the Title Feature

“Not every conspiracy is a theory.”

An unseen agent trails the truth, circling mysteries and raising questions with every paranoid swipe of the highlighter. Newspapers, bar codes, maps, documents, and photos – otherwise mundane minutiae is checked and rechecked for evidence, a pattern of some kind, or perhaps nothing at all. Every whir and click of the microfilm reader widens the web, as the line between conspiracy theorist and intelligence analyst is blurred in Imaginary Forces’ title sequence for AMC’s Rubicon.

Read the full feature here.

Art of the Title – Catch Me If You Can Feature/Interview

Catch Me If You Can - Art of the Title Feature

“How’d you do it Frank? How did you cheat on the bar exam in Louisiana?” – Carl Hanratty

A gifted young grifter scamps and stamps across the screen, his fugitive flights aided by doctored documents and lying lawyers. The scurrying swindler dares viewers to keep up with his caper, but this race is now a chase with a “top man” on his case. Flowing type, smooth lines and cool jazz are a playground for this pursuit, snaking and sneaking across the colorful jet-set world of our confidence man’s creation, slowly fading to reveal the darkened truth.

Kuntzel + Deygas stylistically transpose the handmade design of Saul Bass using decidedly modern means. Accompanied by John Williams’ unexpectedly unctuous score, the duo’s title sequence for Steven Spielberg’s Catch Me If You Can is simply outta sight.

Read the full feature here.

Art of the Title – Game of Thrones Feature/Interview

Game of Thrones - Art of the Title Feature

“Winter is coming.” —Lord Eddard Stark

A fiery astrolabe orbits high above a world not our own; its massive Cardanic structure sinuously coursing around a burning center, vividly recounting an unfamiliar history through a series of heraldic tableaus emblazoned upon it. An intricate map is brought into focus, as if viewed through some colossal looking glass by an unseen custodian. Cities and towns rise from the terrain, their mechanical growth driven by the gears of politics and the cogs of war.

From the spires of King’s Landing and the godswood of Winterfell, to the frozen heights of The Wall and windy plains across the Narrow Sea, Elastic’s thunderous cartographic flight through the Seven Kingdoms offers the uninitiated a sweeping education in all things Game of Thrones.

Read the full feature here. – Gamercamp LV2 Raises the Bar

Gamercamp LV2 - Photo by Gavin HayPhoto by Gavin Hay

Gamercamp LV2 wrapped up last weekend. The two-day conference/social/experience featured talks by local game designers, journalists and luminaries, demos of new and exciting projects being developed in the city, music, food and 8-bit nostalgia. The event seems poised to become a very important part of the game landscape in Canada; it’s something special. If you have a passion for playing, creating or talking about video games — and missed this year’s event — you owe it to yourself to be at Gamercamp LV3.

Read the full article here.

Art of the Title – The Inner Workings Feature – Innerspace

Innerspace - Art of the Title Feature

“The Tuck Pendleton machine: zero defects.” —Lt. Tuck Pendleton.

Contained almost entirely within the structure of a single ice cube, the title sequence for Joe Dante’s underrated sci-fi comedy Innerspace takes viewers on a fantastic molecular voyage from the bottom of a scotch glass to the hands a swaggering hotshot. Foreshadowing the film to come, a simple change in scale transforms the ordinary into the alien. Frozen water becomes a shimmering crystalline maze of glacial hydrogen and oxygen, while the chatter of a cocktail party is depleted to become little more than abstruse reverberations — an infinitesimal world reconstructed with every clink of the tumbler.

As Wayne Fitzgerald and David Oliver Pfeil’s martial titles contrast against the coruscating background the longest drink pour in movie history concludes, introducing us to future micronaut Lt. Tuck Pendleton.

Read full feature here.

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